Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Shit List: Thin Lizzy...Oh, Don't Worry. There Are Plenty More Where This Came From

The iHeart Radio mega-conglomerate is Clear Channel Communications. They can the product of continuous radio programming for your listening dull-maintenance. Out of the hundreds of thousands of songs that are available to these peddlers of rock oldies, their "program directors" (I say in quotes because they don't have program directors...they have marketing executive robots trained to find the algorithm of least resistance) have narrowed it down for our impressionable ears, to around 200. And then they simply put it on loop. After the meteor has wiped out civilization on the planet all but completely, the iHeart Radio program will continue on, uninterrupted, playing to the ethers, or better yet, torturing the ears of the now ambivalent aliens who at once are relieved at our demise for all the dumb shit we did, and desperately wishing us back, so they could make us stop playing

Number 3:

"The Boys Are Back In Town" - Thin Lizzy

With Too Many Images To Choose From, This One Must Suffice

I seriously did not know that the name of this band was Thin Lizzy. How would I? If I had known this piece of trivia, I would never have named my child Elizabeth. The "oldies" stations don't ever tell you the names of these groups, especially the one-hit wonders, because they assume you already know, or don't care, which I clearly didn't until it was time to blast this shit for being overplayed and underwhelming. The guitar chords are boring and too loud. The lead singer's voice is irreverent, irrelevant, and underly nostalgic for the girl in the song's spritely personality or her mammaries. And the hair in the video below is so happening that it upstages the performances of the rockers it belongs to.

If THIN LIZZY is your cup of tea, then here. I'll be your Jack Kevorkian.

Listen: I'm worried that by doing this blog my faith in humanity will be diminished. But I will press on. It's too good to put this toy away now.


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