Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Shit List: The 50 Must-Die Radio Hits-Eagles

Ok. I've been listening to the "classic rock" stations of iHeart Radio mega-network for inspiration on my top 50 must-die songs, and the input never stops.

Number 2:

"Take It To The Limit" - Eagles

Give me a fucking break. Here's another "epic" song that goes on way too long, like a 70's movie, with a story that I could give a shit about...but DON'T...performed in the most boring style a musician could hope to play in.

Now, I know that some of you have a sentimental attachment to this song, because when you were 7 your daddy and you were riding in his old Ford truck down a country highway and he put the 8-track of this shit in, and your undeveloped 7 year-old mind attached the banal hook to your emotional sense of security with your daddy there to protect you against the world. You now equate safety and the warm sense of security you felt then, with this fucking song. 

It's time now. Let's let it go. "Take It To The Limit" can now be sent to heaven with Daddy, and all of the torturously bad pop-country greatest hits that we have all been forced to listen to for decades now. So many better tunes. So many better eras. So many better hair days. The bygone era presses on with relentlessness. 

And just in case my bringing them up has brought your love of Eagles back to the fore of your obsession with nostalgia, here's a link to the book about how awesome they were. It's three dollars and eighty cents of Eagles fantasticness:


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