Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harold Pinter's The Homecoming, Damiian's Message, The Joy of Technology

Three Weeks To Opening!!! I'm very happy. The show will be a great success. Now: This happened to me yesterday:

My wonderful friend, Damiian Mario Lang, left me a voice mail the other day, and GOOOGULL transcribed it into poetry for me. How pleased I was to get a double joy from his call. First, I got to listen to a fantastic, animated message from my performer friend, and then, have a poem loosely related to the message in my inbox!

Thank you GOOOOOGULL. I hope that your engineers never figure out how to translate correctly. It would spoil all the fun. Enjoy!

"You don't have my phone. You advised a big problem doors you maza all is well. My. God. I cannot text and I do not faxed me. I don't know, sex tied in knots tax to do not text of me yet or not, text of God text me or not. Fax stop texting. Yay, bye. Act, back. And yo, yeah I love you guys message all about debating bye love it. Yeah. I love you so much, as one of my favorites of all time messaging. I called not to leave a message. God that much. Your order did talk to you in person. Never mind. Yeah I'm in Arcadia. I'm about to go over to a family house for dinner. I've got the mother, the father in the sun. Yeah, I've not met the dollar cool invited me. Why did the teenage daughter invite the man to dinner. Because she needs an acting instructor for her. Independent Study, program. Yeah, I'm very curious about this program and if you have any money to pay me sir. So I'm gonna grab dinner at the house very shortly. FedEx is me and I am fedEx and it is mutually pleasurable C I'm working 3 days a week and then once people go on vacation. I work for them, as I can work through this week, 5 days a week. I work to do the other day Friday. Yeah, like 7 our you give me, 140 bucks cash. Yeah I say it's working okay sir. My book is come along, getting into writing it. And I'm definitely committed to my goal of finishing it and Yeah, your friend of mine who lives in Portland and Jacob yellow needs a wild man. You might medium sometime. Jake up young wild man Yeah, Hi might come up. There. Yo or thanks giving your own be awesome. And I'm looking to buy a motorcycle inexpensive hundreds of dollars. Hundreds, not. Over 1,000 don't care what it is wrong. Is runs sits my body, is my current desires. I just bought a queen size mattress with Lindsay delivered Leninist each pay $170. Not bad and What else. But. I'm making money. I'm buying things. So if if if he about some shoes online, bye bye bye and food whenever the hell I want it, and feels nice. It's going to have money I like it."

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