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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bill Maher, The Jesus Narrative, Theatre, The Inverse Darwinism

Bill Maher is my new favorite social commentator! Jon Stewart hates conflict, as evidenced by nervous laughs at himself after every remark, as my wife so astutely noted. Not Bill, boy. He is ON IT. Just says the truth direct, funny-as-hell, pull no punches.

I don't know if you know this, but "The Jesus Narrative" is based on our tracking of the SUN over the course of a SOLAR YEAR. Giving the change of the seasons a NARRATIVE structure (which means a story line), makes it easier to remember and understand, I can only assume for the education of our children about how our world works. That's why the ancient Egyptians developed it. What smarty-pants!, those Egyptians back in the day, with their ways of making the scientific cycle of nature on our little planet easy to teach to children. But it's not just for children anymore.

Thus, watching many millions of seemingly confused Americans taking this easily transferred and understood metaphor literally, at first I scratch my head, and wonder, "Does everyone not know about the sun?" It makes me feel, at first glance, like we need a new "Nature Jesus", who goes around in an effort to educate the good people of the land about how the sun waxes and wanes over time, creating a year, and how that's why the solstice is on December 21st, and then the sun begins to move more prominently into the sky again after 3 days; and that that doesn't mean a long-haired blond guy got nailed up on the cross in a gruesome-ass way with blood and stigmata (some very imaginative shit that, reminds me of some Japornimation I watched the other day), just that that iconic picture actually refers to the Southern Crux constellation at the time of year when the sun is at its most waned in the northern hemisphere!

How is this confusing for ANYONE?!, I ask myself. How is belief in an idiot preacher's ego theatrics stronger than the simple animalistic awareness of our environment, an environment we've always known, the only environment we've ever known? Are we so abstracted from our own natural state that we can't recognize it, but can only look at this ridiculously simple metaphor as a literal representation of how shit went down one day at the beginning of the world, 2,000 years ago?

The answer is: NO! We're not stupid. We love our theatre! Well, some of us are dumb as rocks. But for the most part, we know what's going on. It happens to us every frigging year, after all. We would just rather believe this wack-ass story that's a metaphor for nature than to just worship nature itself! That's why theatre will always survive and be vital. Humans love a good, dramatic, violent, emotional, inspirational story, and we are always looking for an excuse to suspend our disbelief. We are beautiful!

So in a way, the video below is weak sauce. Because it ruins our play! Sure, it may save some lives someday when the method actors in the story remember they're just acting. But maybe it misses the real point: Maybe we should jump head-first into our stories and say "fuck it" to reality. Maybe that's the way we create a new, more interesting and inventive universe. We climb into our imaginations, and out of nature.

We just need to write a new play, cause this one is boring us to death.


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